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30+ = Super Uke
21-30 = Uke
20 = Seme-uke (Seke)
10-19 = Seme
10- = Super Seme

[ ] You like to be content in everything.
[ ] When a person confesses their love to you and you don't like them, you start feeling very tense and/or you don't know what to say 
[x] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.
[x] You are quite hyperactive.
[ ] If you don't like something, you start crying and you don't care if you start talking too loud.
[x] You love candies or any type of caramel.
[x] You like making others blush. 
[ ] You sleep with a doll/teddy bear/pillow in your hand. 
[x] You're usually shy with the opposite gender 
[/] You like romantic-funny anime.
[x ] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L.
[ ] You have listened to "an café".
[ ] You like listening to it.
[ ] You have one or two songs on your computer of "an café".
[x] You are innocent and/or a little clumsy (Romano: I'm not as Clumsy as Vene is damn it).
[ ] You smile at kitties.
[/] You usually say "kawaii".
[x] You like plushies.
[ ] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue.
[ ] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot.
[ ] You have been lost in a shopping centre/parking/cinema.
[ ] You have called the mistaken number twice or more.        
[ ] You cried with Pocahontas' ending.
[ ] You have used a very feminine dress or shirt.
[/] You call your pets cute names.
[ ] You believe that yuri is the best
[ ] You're easy to trick/convince. 
[x] Some woman scare you 
[ ] You have seen Pucca and you like it.
[ ] You have pink/red clothes and they are decorated with flowers.
[/] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space.
[x] You've said "kya" or something like that before.
[/] When a person of the same gender gets angry with you, you're at the defensive.
[x] You like j-pop.
[ ] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series.
[ ] You watched Gravitation and you felt like Shuichi or you watched Strawberry Panic and you felt like Nagisa.
[ ] You smile for no reason.
[/] You usually are very positive.
[ ] When there's a rainbow, you run out to see it.
[/] You usually don't understand what your parents say.

14 1/2 points: Seme 

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Now go on, fill yourself with cake and enjoy your special day! <333 

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Stop it.
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