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~|About Me|~

.:GA:. Leti Headshot~ by ScottishRedWolf


Hello~, I dont usually give out my Name online so i'm just gonna give you my nickname Leti. you can call me lee too :meow:
I love Lots of things but i'll only tell out what i like in majority. I like Homestuck, Hetalia, Creepypasta, Animals in general, Music(i Go by the beat/rhythm Sometimes lyrics) And much more
What i dislike is Bullies, Trolls, Art thieves, Fake Friends there might be more but i cant get it at the top of my head XD, i"d say my personality is Shy, yet i get bubbly once i get to know you better. I am very friendly so No need to be afraid. I'm a cuddler i love to cuddle and i love hugs too :heart: If you have any questions feel free to note me :meow:

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.:GA:. The Cookie Lovers~ by ScottishRedWolf
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Oct 31, 2014
3:19 pm
Oct 30, 2014
3:22 am
Oct 29, 2014
3:07 pm
Jul 21, 2014
12:52 am
Jul 20, 2014
9:48 am

the worst week i've been through (news)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:29 PM
Ever since sunday i just...can't.....

That sunday i visited my grandmother....and she's not really doing so well... She had brain cancer for 6 years now...and... its like that high ranking of cancer and the family are pretty shocked she lived this long through that cancer....but now she's ...actually fading away....

This is really affecting me...along with how i'm doing my homework....I just cant stop thinking about grandmother.....

The other things is that, its not just me who's depressed....i noticed some friends had been pretty upset ..i really do try to keep things optimistic and...find the brighter route in their

And recently my dog had been chokin...just because he was drinking water.......My mom worries we might have to put him down...My first dog.....He's a cool old fart..... i am getting emotional the journal *wipes my tears* But..Yeah...Lots of things had been happening, including midterms in college so...a lot of things are happening that i cant simply focus my mind on one thing.... its pretty rare for me to do drawings atm due to all of this and....i really do try my best to finish up things that i owe....

Usually i celebrate halloween but...this year i just cant...due to all the shit that been happening lately i just not in the best of mood...even if i get dragged out to go i guess i'll just wear my gir hood and..act all jolly throughout the evening...

I also noticed that i been distant with friends and...practically almost everyone...i do appologize for my behavior, but i do hope you understand why i'm pretty distant for the commissions/art trades/requests, once something happens to my grandmother i dont think i'll be able to work on them...they will be on hold for sure but....atm i'm just struggling to do art...

Anyways...I'm pretty sure i smothered enough dots on this journal so, i'm gonna go try to keep my mind elsewhere through these depressing things....



  • Mood: Suffering

Who's willing to pokebattle me? (Pokemon X/Y) 

2 deviants said I dont have a 3Ds :(
1 deviant said Note me your friend code if ya want to really?
1 deviant said OMG YES :la:
No deviants said Sure i'm game ;P
No deviants said I'd rather trade with you :meow: (I'm cool with that x3)

<|Art Status|>

Leti as a Mexican Wolf .:Chibi:. by ScottishRedWolf

a :iconpainttoolsaiplz: User

I CAN DRAW HUMANS Dont think i can just draw animals :nuu:

I draw canines, felines, sometimes any other domestic animal.

I try to improve on other animals such as elephants and other things. so feel free to ask any other animal than just canines and felines :meow:

Point commish info is in this link~

:la:… :la:
Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear (uses tablet for sketches and lineart only) Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear (uses mouse for coloring and shading, does use it for some drawings though)
Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearStamp - Gimp User by firstfear

~*People I lurvs*~

.:GA:. Sitting Chibi Leti~ by ScottishRedWolfSimple Chibi: Loxie~ by ScottishRedWolf

:heart: People I lurvs (In no order) :heart:


:heart: People i know in real life :heart:



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You've just encountered the all-powerful birthday bat!
It seems she has dressed up in the most clashing colors she could find, as well as mess up her hair, just for you!
Because you my dear, are a very special person and no one should ever tell you different.
And that's why she's here. To remind you that you are unique in every single way! From one pony to the next, no one can compare to your beautiful self!
Now go on, fill yourself with cake and enjoy your special day! <333 

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